A simple ulcer is neither venereal nor scorbutic, nor callous, and requires nothing but to be cleansed and brought to the state of a clean wound; to this end it must be laid open if necessary, and you must apply tincture of myrrh and aloes, or yellow basilicon with red precipitate. During the incarnation, it may be drest only with dry lint, when the matter is laudable; otherwise a valnerary balsam may be spread upon the lint. If the ulcer is deep, it must be filled full of lint, to prevent the lips from closing too soon; when the cavity is filled up with flesh, it may be cicatrised with dry lint, or traumatic balsam, or Fryer's balsam, and a moderate compressure. If there is any proud flesh, it must be touched with blue vitriol, or burnt alum, or powder of myrrh, or red precipitate, to bring it to a level, as the cuticle advances round about the fore.