This is a kind of convulsion which boys and girls are sometimes subject to; it is so called, because they put themselves into a great many ridiculous antic postures. When they want to drink, they use a thousand odd gesticula-tions before they can bring the cup to their mouth; the fits arc generally preceded by a coldness of the feet and limbs, or a kind of tingling sensation. To cure this disease, first give a gentle purge, then two ounces of the following expression of hog lice three times a day: "Take of live hog lice three "ounces, of fennel water a pint, of compound horse radish "water half a pint; bruise the hog lice, and then pour on "the water by degrees, then press out the liquor;" after this give the following electary : "Take of the Peruvian bark an "ounce and a half, of the rust of iron, or prepared steel "three drams, of the syrup of orange peel, enough to make "an electary:" the dose is the quantity of a large nutmeg thrice a day; besides these the cold bath is of lingular service.