The cure of these must be begun with bleeding, if the patient is full of blood, or the pulse great, but not till the fit is over, and may be repeated occasi-onally.

The patient should remove into dry serene air, and use con-stant exercise. The aliment should be easy of digestion, and all drams should be forborne. The best drink is whey. Warm baths for the feet, should be made with soft water, wheat bran, and camomile flowers. They should be used at bed time, and the patient should sweat after them. If the patient is costive, his body should be kept open with manna and oily clysters; and at the full and change of the moon, give an ounce of manna with three grains of tartar emetic, to cleanse the stomach and guts. If they happen about fifteen, the diet should be soft and nourishing; such as whey, milk, hartshorn jellies, and chocolate. He should likewise use baths of soft water with milk.

When convulsions proceed from worms, no sharp medicines should be used; but ciysters made of milk, sugar, and oil. Liniments which purge should be laid to the navel; or make a plaster with two drams of aloes, eight drops of the essential oil of wormwood, and a sufficient quantity of ox-gall, and lay it on the same part. Likewise, wormseed may be taken inwardly, from a scruple to a dram. Or you may first give a few spoonfuls of oil of sweet almonds, and then from six grains to thirty of mercurius dulcis, made into a bolus with conserve of roses. If from the suppression of womens monthly evacuation, all hot medicines are hurtful, but bleeding and Bath waters will be proper. As also the tincture of castor; the dole is forty drops, thrice a day. Or, "Take five grains of cam-"phire, four of musk, and three of assa foetida: make them "into a bolus with conserve of mallow-flowers, and repeat it "three times a day." When a stoppage of the bleeding piles is the cause, use the same remedies, and apply leeches to the fundament. When the sweating of the feet is stopt, or the matter of diseases of the skin is driven in, "Take three drams of "wild valerian root, two drams of diaphoretic antimony, "twenty grains of cinnabar; nitre, saffron, and castor, "also twenty grains each; make them into a powder." The dose is a scruple, three or four times a day. The patient should drink whey for some weeks, and take now and then a dose of manna with cream of tartar; that is, an ounce of the first, with two drams of the last.