These are either the Bleeding, or the Blind. The bleeding piles are not always a disease, for sometimes they return regularly once a month, and then they cannot be stopt without causing grievous disorders. When it is a disease, it is often excessive, and will sometimes last from twenty to thirty days, endangering the life of the patient: the blind are varicous swellings of the veins, sometimes with excessive pain, and sel-dom or never bleed.

In the bleeding piles, it will be necessary to take blood from the arm, when the patient is of a full habit of body, and the patient should drink cooling liquors with a few grains of nitre, and an ounce or two of syrup of red poppies at night; but without giving a long detail of medicines, the patient needs only take half a dram of the bark every three or four hours. If this fails, which it seldom does, powder equal pans of alum and dragon's blood; the dole is half a dram every hour : a few doses are generally sufficient. In the blind piles, take half a dram or m re of the flowers of sulphur in milk every morning, till they are cured; some take a spoonful at a time, or "Take "of lenitive electary two ounces of flowers of sulphur half an "ounce, of purified nitre two drams, of syrup of oranges "enough to make an electary;" the dose is a dram twice a day. When the pain is great, fry leeks in butter, and that will ease it.