When the mother cannot or does not choose to give fuck, it will be necessary to provide a good nurse; her age should be from twenty three to thirty, for then she is in her full health, strength and vigour; (he must have lain in no less than a month or six weeks, and not above three or four months; care must be taken that her child is healthy, and if it be the second or third so much the better, because she will then have a greater quantity of milk; if she has already suckled another's child with success, it is a proof of her ability and the goodness of her milk; but the principal thing is the healthful constitution of her body, for on this all the rest depend. Her parents, if known, should have had no tedious chronic disease, much less the venereal infection; she must not have a pale sickly look, nor be liable to dis-orders of any kind; but her skin should be white, neat, clear, and free from breakings out of all kinds: she should not be weak and inactive, but able to undergo fatigues, and her husband should have the same signs of health; she should neither be too fat nor too lean, nor distinguished by any deformity of the body; nor yet must she have a return of her monthly courses, which some nurses have two or three months after they have lain in, which is a sign the blood is not right; be-sides, it will lessen the quantity of her milk : she should moreover be clean and neat in her person and apparel, that no bad smell may proceed from any part of her body; add to these, sound teeth, a sweet breath, a comely face, a lively eye, and a pleasant chearful countenance: besides, if she has an agreeable voice, it will please and enliven the child.

The nurse's breast should be of a size sufficient to contain a proper quantity of milk, but not very large and swagging; they should be full, plump, smooth, pretty firm, and free from lumps, that the milk may be the better prepared; but they should not be fat nor fleshy, nor close together; the chest should be broad and full, it being a sign of plenty of vital heat: the nipples should be of a moderate size and firmness, but not too short or thick, or hard or gristy or depressed; for if the nipple is too short, the child cannot lay hold of it; and if too hard, it is not easily drawn; if too big, it fills the mouth so that it cannot fuck : likewise the milk should flow out at a good distance, by a gentle compression of the breast, in several small streams.

The milk should be of a thickish consistence, not wheyish or watry, but should remain upon the hand, and not run off from a gentle inclination; but if it does not run off at all, it is too thick : the whiter it is the better, for when it is wheyish it is blue : yellow milk is a sign of too great a thickness, or a mixture of bile in those subject to the jaundice. It should be perfectly well tasted, the sweeter the better, and free from every uncommon flavour.

Lastly, the nurse should be of an agreeable, sweet, even temper, not drunken nor passionate nor melancholy; but modest, sober and compassionate; her diet should be nourishing and easy of digestion; she should carefully abstain from all salted smoak-dried provisions, sour things, as well as spices, drams, and all kinds of sharp acrimonious food; should live in a healthful air, use moderate exercise, and avoid the inclemency of the weather : she should be temperate in her eating and drinking:, and never fast too long, or feed to excess. These cautions well observed, will not only prevent a great many disorders in children, but hinder them from imbibing vicious inclinations, which too often are fucked in with the nurse's milk.