This disease is first discovered by a yellow tincture of the skin, but more especially in the coats of the eyes, where it gives notice of the invasion; it is attended with a weariness of the whole body, uneasiness in the right fide, sickness at the stomach, oppression in the breast, difficulty of breathing, a dry harsh skin, costiveness, hard white stools, and yellow high coloured urine, which colours linen like saf-fron. In the cure, first give a vomit with a scruple of ipecacuanha, and a grain of emetic tartar; the next night, give half a dram of the following pills: "Take soccotrine-aloes "and Castile soap of each equal parts, of thin honey enough "to make them into pills." Two or three doses of this may be given every other day; then give half a dram of the following pills twice or thrice a day. "Take of "Castile soap three drams, of hog-lice prepared a dram;

"make them into pills with syrup of saffron :" or if an electary is liked better, "take of Castile soap three ounces, of "rhubarb in powder half an ounce, of the species of hiera "picra half an ounce, of syrup of orange-peel enough to "make an electary." After some time, it will be proper to add half an ounce of the filings of steel; the dose is half a dram twice a day: but if this should keep the body too open, then "take of the conserve of orange-peel two ounces, of "Castile soap an ounce and a half, of prepared cinnabar and "hog-lice each half an ounce, of saffron in powder half a "dram, of the syrup of orange peel enough to make an "electary." The dose is the quantity of a nutmeg thrice a day.

When the jaundice succeeds the colic, all purgatives are to be omitted but rhubarb, and this is not to be given without evident reason. If this method fails, send the patient to Tunbridge to drink the waters.