This disease begins with costiveness, which is followed with sharp and violent pains; as also a swelling about the navel, which feels hard to the touch; the body is so bound, that neither wind nor excrements can pass downwards : the wind first makes its way upwards, then comes on sickness and frequent vomiting of phlegm and yellow matter; whatever is eat or drank is soon thrown up again, then the matter begins to be red, with a stinking smell, which is supposed to be the excrements. This is succeeded by loss of strength, a preternatural heat, a hard narrow pulse, with great thirst, the urine is red, and made with difficulty.

In the cure bleed immediately, and repeat it once or twice if there is occasion, then apply a blister where the pain lies; this done, give twenty grains of the cathartic extract, with one grain of the Thebaic extract: when there is an inflammation, give seven grains of purified nitre, with half a grain of cam-phire dissolved in any small liquor. If the blister does not relieve the patient, mix a dram of camphire with an ounce of hogs-lard, and anoint the belly therewith. As one chief intention is to procure stools, the patient may be led backward and forward over a cold floor, with the legs, feet and thighs naked; then dash cold water on the feet, afterwards the legs, and then the thighs, which will procure the intended effect wonderfully; or a pound of quick-silver may be given before the cafe is desperate and not after, other wise it will be said that the quick-silver killed the patient.