Regular stools are a sign of health, but when they err either in quantity, quality, or time, they denote some disorder. Costiveness creates and exasperates diseases of the head, as is observable in the head-ach, epilepsy, madness, melancholy, the palsy, and inflammation of the eyes and hardness of hearing. No fever makes its attack without previous costive-ness; and when the stools begin to be natural, it is a promising sign of health. White or grey excrement denotes the jaundice: green stools are common to fucking children, with the gripes and convulsion fits. Excrements mixt with pure blood with little pain, shews the disorder is the piles: but when there are great pains about the navel, with frequent stools, it is the bloody-flux. In all diseases, if the body is costive, it should be kept open by laxatives. Some persons are naturally costive when in health, and then it may be borne without any great inconvenience.