Children troubled with worms have a gnawing, pricking pain in the belly, and sometimes a discoloured face; they often start in their sleep, have a voracious appetite, and a stinking breath: sometimes they have an inclination to vomit, and their mouth becomes full of water: they have often a swimming in the head, or scratch their nose. Infants have generally a swelled belly, and void a thick whitish matter: some are thrown into fits, others have a worm fever, and sometimes adults void worms upwards and downwards.

Infants who cannot take medicines by the mouth, may be cured by the following plaster : "Take of chemical oil of "wormwood eight drops, of aloes in powder eight grains, "of oxes gall enough to bring them to a proper confidence : spread this on leather, and lay it to the navel. For others the following powder will serve in the room of every thing else. "Take of block-tin reduced into fine powder a scruple, of Ethiops "mineral ten grains; mix them." This must be taken every morning in syrup of sugar or common treacle, taking a purge after every fourth dose, as for example the following powder: "Take of choice rhubarb three drams, scammony "and calomel of each a dram; mix them." The dose for an adult is half a dram.