This is an ulcer of the lungs, with a wafting away, a cough, a spitting of purulent matter, which is sometimes bloody, a hectic fever, and a difficulty of breathing. It is sometimes preceded with a spitting of blood; or arises from a congestion, or suppuration of blood in the lungs. When a consumption is beginning, it is often cured; but when it is in its last stage, never.

Then the intentions of cure are to cleanse and heal the ulcer, to allay the cough, to take off the fever, and to preserve the strength. In the beginning of a consumption, when the lungs are stuffed with a gross phlegm, and there is a continual cough, especially in the night, take from six to ten ounces of blood from the arm, especially if the patient is full of blood, or ac-customed to bleeding. This must be repeated twice or thrice at proper intervals, particularly when there is a flux of serum, and a copious expectoration of phlegm. If there is a nausea or inclination to vomit, give an ounce and half of oxymel of squills in a draught of posset-drink; this may be repeated three or four times, every third or fourth day, with a composing draught at night, or six grains of storax pills. Then give manna to carry the humours downwards, and the same pills at night. While the cough continues moist, give no oily medicines, but medicines that gently promote a sweat, manna, rhubarb, and apply a blister between the shoulders, not forgetting the composing things at night: or instead of sweating, boil half an ounce of the bark, and half an ounce of lignum vitae, in three pints of water, to two, and give six spoonfuls every four hours. I have known thirty drops of Friar's balsam, taken every four hours, cure the beginning of a consumption. When the lungs are obstructed, and the throat and mouth are dry, then it will be proper to sup often some soft liquor, and to draw in fleams from the same. Likewise, "Take two drams "of spermaceti, forty drops of balsam of Peru, unite them to-"gether with part of the yolk of an egg, and then add two "ounces of syrup of marsh-mallows." Take a tea-spoonful of this often, letting it go gently down the throat. When the disease is confirmed, an issue on the side most affected, will be of great use; as also the following pills: "Take three drams "of the powder of hog-lice, one dram of fine gum ammoniac, "one dram of the flowers of benjamin, ten grains of the extract. "of saffron, and as much balsam of Peru; make them into pills "with anisated balsam of sulphur." The dose is twenty grains thrice a day. They are of excellent use in all flow consump-tions. joined to the scurvy or king's evil, before the tubercles of the lung? inflame and purify. The good effects of riding are generally known, as also of asses milk. Half an ounce of conserve of roses eaten at a time, and often, has cured very dangerous consumptions. Some patients have taken, half a pound a day with success. Others have almost lived upon it.