These may be commonly cured with thirty drops of Friar's balsam, taken every four hours, or anisated balsam of sulphur, from three drops to ten, thrice a day. When a cough is obstinate, first bleed, and then take three or four spoonfuls of the following mixture every fourth hour: "Take "fix ounces of spring water, an ounce and half of sallad "oil, an ounce of pectoral syrup, and forty drops of spirit of "hartshorn; mix them." When it is stubborn, and has continued some time, omit oily medicines, and take away from four to seven ounces of blood, repeating it once in eight or ten days, and give half a dram of the following pills twice a day : "Take half an ounce of Alicant soap, gum ammoniac pre-"pared, hog-lice, and fresh squills, of each half an ounce; "of balsam of Capivi, enough to make them into pills."