When the child is full of blood, or the spittle is tinctured with blood, bleed, especially when there is a small fever, or the child looks black in the face with coughing. Soon after a vomit must be given with half a spoonful or a spoonful, or upwards, of oxymel of squills, according, to the child's age, which will bring up the viscid phlegm. When there is a large quantity, it must be repeated more than once; or he may take the decoction of twenty grains of ipecauanha. Then the body must be loosened with about ten grains of rhubarb, to which two or three grains of alkalisated mercury may be added. When there is a difficulty of breathing, and an oppression of the breast, you may give a spoonful of milk of gum ammoniac, three or four times a day : likewise give eight grains of the bark four times a day; or, which is better, "Take fix drams of the extract of the bark, twenty grains "of camphire, and twenty of cantharides; mix them." Ten grains of this should be given every third or fourth hour, in any water sweetened with syrup of cloves. When a sharp thin rheum drops on the lungs, this must be omitted, and a blister must be laid to the back.