The former is known from a fetid matter, or blood coming away with the urine; as also small pellicles. But if the ulcer is in the kidneys, there are small caruncles. The making water is always difficult, and attended with pain. When the kidneys are thus affected, there are always intervals of ease, both with regard to the pain, and the difficulty of making water. The ulcer of the bladder is very hard to cure, especially when it is of long duration. Rhubarb given to half a scruple at a time, and continued long, may do considerable service. The drink should be whey or asses milk alone, or which is better mixt with lime-water. When the purulent matter that comes away is large in quantity, thirty drops of tincture of cantha-rides should be taken twice a day, and if it produces any bad effects, give five or six grains of camphire. Cherry-tree gum dissolved in water and drank is by some accounted a great se-cret. Others give cow's milk, with half a dram of French bole every morning, in an ulcer of the kidneys, which is not so hard to cure, the same things are beneficial. Some account butter milk, when not very sour, a great secret in this case. Or you may give a quarter of a pint of new milk twice a day, in which a hot iron has been quenched so long as to consume a third. The Spaw waters have been beneficial to some, and spruce beer is reckoned a good balsamic in this disorder.