These are medicines that promote the secre-tion of urine. Little urine, or difficulty of making water, may proceed from want of moisture in the blood. Then water, whey, tea, coffee, spaw-water, or any aqueous fluid, will answer the purpose. Spaw-water is excellent in this cafe, because it will dissolve viscid and tenacious humours, as well as open obstruc-tions of the kidneys. When gross thick juices obstruct the urinary passages, fixed, alkaline, or lixivial salts will be proper; or Alicant or Castile soap, or tartar vitriolated, or the diuretic salt, or lime-water. When there is spasm of the tubes of the kidneys, then nitre will be proper; as also emulsions of the greater cold seeds, or of poppy-seeds, or saffron, or oil of sweet-almonds. When the tubes of the kidneys are too much relaxed, give the natural balsams, or turpentine, or rob of juniper-berries, alum posset-drink, or decoctions of ground-ivy, and male-speedwel. When the strength of these tubes is almost lost, then you may direct stimulating diuretics, such as hogs-lice, leeks, garlic, or cantharides.

In a fit of the gravel, hot stimulating diuretics are improper; but emulsions of white poppy-seeds are good, together with nitre, dulcified spirit of nitre, oil of sweet-almonds, and whey, as also emollient baths and fomentations. Stimulating diuretics are good for rustics, and persons that feed coarsly, for women that have the whites, in a gonorrhaea, and a disposition to a dropsy. When there are gross humours in the bladder, the must acrid diuretics are best, such as garlic taken with the spi-rit of juniper, powder of millepedes, tincture of cantha-rides, etc.

In general the most proper, safe and useful diuretics are salt of tartar, salt of wormwood, fixed nitre, stibiated nitre, vitriola-ted tartar, diuretic salt and sal polychrestum: diuretics, especi-ally the fixt salts and saponaceous medicines, are the best preser-vatives against the dropsy, stone and gout, whether in the feet, or what is called the flying gout.