This is an inflammation of the membranes of the brain, and is attended with a furious delirium, shining eyes which are set as it were in the head, a burning fever, continual watching, and a violent pulsation of the arteries about the head and temples; it is generally a dangerous symp-tom of a fever.

When this is a primary or original disease, the cure requires speedy, large and repeated bleedings, particularly in the jugular vein; the nose should be made to bleed with a straw, pen or skewer, or six or seven leeches to the temples: the rest of the cure consists in blisters, and other things common to inflammatory fevers.

The Symptomatic Phrensy sometimes appears in the state of the malignant, eruptive and spotted fever, the small pox, malignant catarrhal fevers, and camp fevers, espe-cially when they are injudiciously treated. The cure of this is to be begun by bleeding, if the pulse will bear it; but if this cannot be done by reason of the great lowness, it must be attempted by leeches and blisters; it is usual to begin with blistering the head. The patient must likewise take often six grains of nitre mixt with one of camphire.

When this disease is like to come on from the stoppage of the lochia or menses, the patient must be bled speedily and largely in the soot. If from the stoppage of the bleeding piles, leeches must be applied to the veins, from whence the flux proceeded. The patient's drink should be whey turned with lemon juice and sweeetned with syrup of white poppies, and a dram of purified nitre must be added to every quart of the whey; externally linen cloths may be dipt in hot water and applied to the feet: However, the method of cure must be always accommodated to the primary disease.