Womens monthly courses are so called, and when they are irregular they are the cause of many disorders; when they are obstructed, you are to consider whether the patient is just recovered from some disease, and there is consequently a want of good blood and juices. In this cafe, the patient must take nourishing broths and gellies, and digestion should be promoted by proper remedies and stomachic bitters. Sometimes in the vessels of the womb and parts adjacent a passage is de-ny'd to this evacuation, and then all forcing things are dangerous till the parts are softened and relaxed by fomentations and baths; or which is better, the patient may be well covered and then placed over a hot bath, so that the fleam or vapours may ascend and open the obstructions: it may be made in a vessel or tub of a convenient size, with camomile flowers, pennyroyal and mugwort boiled in the water; red hot flints may be thrown in now and then to keep the water hot. When the blood is poor, it will be proper to use spices, myrth, rose-mary, pennyroyal, savine, and filings of iron: or, "Take "salt of steel and myrrh of each eight grains, of saffron five "grains, of oil of savine a drop; mix the oil with the sugar, "and then make the whole into a powder." This may be given twice or thrice a day in any proper vehicle; but if the patient is of a full habit of body, then "take of salt of am-"ber six grains, of saffron five grains, of the root of black "hellebore ten grains, mix and make a powder;" to be taken as before. But the best remedy ready prepared is Hooper's Pills, which may be had of Mr. Newberry in St. Paul's Church-yard, London.

When the menses are evacuated in too great a quantity, or return too often, the strength of the patient will soon be brought low, with paleness, coldness of the extremities, drop-sical swellings of the feet, fainting, convulsions, and some-times a dropsy. In common cafes, it will be sufficient to give half a dram of the bark four times a day, which seldom fails of producing the desired effect; but when the flux is great, give the alum and dragon's blood mentioned under Lochia.