This bears some resemblance with the former as to the fits, for it begins in the evening, with shivering and coldness of the hands and feet, but more particularly the feet and foals of the feet; there is a weakness of the head, a faintness of the whole body, thirst, difficulty of swallowing, a heat in the nostrils, mouth and throat, attended with sneezing: add to these a weight in the breast, and a frequent desire to make water. At night the pulse grows more quick and full with heat, a defluxion of rheum, unquiet sleep and sweating in the morning. The cause of this fever is the sharpness of the serum; hence a hoarseness, a cough, hauking up tough phlegm, a sneezing, a defluxion on the lungs.

To abate the sharpness of the humours, and to put the patient into a breathing sweat, give the following powder every fourth or sixth hour. "Take compound powder of contra-"yerva twenty grains, Virginian snake-root and safrron of "each five grains; make a powder." To appease the cough, "Take an ounce and a half of sallad-oil, fix ounces of "spring-water, forty drops of spirit of hartshorn, and an "ounce of the pectoral syrup; mix them." The dose is four spoonfuls every fourth hour; at night give six grains of storax pills, unless the head is weak, for then they must be-omitted : very heating and very cooling things are equally bad. If the body is costive, open it with manna, dissolved in water-gruel; or at night give twenty grains of the aromatic pills, with four grains of storax pills. When the fever is declining, and the cough is most frequent and obstinate, give two ounces of manna in fennel-water, to carry the humours downwards; or give a scruple or half a dram of Rufus's pills. When the fever is over, and the lungs are weak and lax, give thirty drops of the traumatic or Friars balsam, several times a day. You are to observe that bleeding is hurtful in this fever.