These assume the type of a quotidian or tertian, the cure is the same in both, and are most frequent in camps. It begins with chilliness, weariness, pains of the head and bones, and a disorder of the stomach; at night the fever runs high, the heat and thirst are great, the tongue is parched, and the head achs violently: the patient cannot go to sleep, and often talks as if he had lost his senses: but in the morning a sweat brings on a remis-sion of all the symptoms; in the evening it returns again, but without any cold fit, and is commonly worse than before: thus it goes on till it turns to an intermitting or continual fever.

Begin the cure with bleeding, either in the remission or height of the fit; then give a vomit with twenty grains of ipecacuanha, and two grains of emetic-tartar, that it may work upwards and downwards; this must be done in the remission of the fever, and if it brings away a great deal of corrupted gall, the cure is effected. When the body is costive, and there are pains in the bowels, or a continual desire of going to stool, give a dram of vitriolated tartar, with ten grains of salt of tartar, dissolved in a convenient liquor, every fourth hour. This will not only open the body, but cause the fever to intermit. Or when there is no costiveness, give the following julep. "Take of mint-water and syrup of lemons of each "two ounces, of salt of wormwood a dram; mix them." The dose is a spoonful every hour. When the patient does not sweat freely in the fit, give some doses of the following julep : "Take four ounces of simple alexiterial-water or milk-wa-"ter, two ounces of Mindererus's spirit, ten grains of volatile "salt of hartshorn, and fix drams of loaf-sugar; mix them." The dose is two spoonfuls every two hours: when the fever intermits, and the intermissions are short, begin to give the bark before the sweating is quite over. If the patient has not been purged, add five grains of rhubarb to every dose, till the body is open. When through neglect it is changed to a continual fever, and the pulse is full and hard, bleed in the arm; when the pulse, is small and there is a pain in the head or a delirium, apply leeches to the temples, but blisters are the surest remedy; no vomits or purges must be given, but clysters may : like wise the following powder every sixth hour. "Take of compound "powder of contrayerva twenty grains; of pure nitre ten "grains, of camphire three grains; mix them." If the pulse and spirits fink greatly, give ten grains of musk made into a bolus, and repeat it occasionally.