This is known by the burning heat of the skin, which is most remarkable about the heart. The breath is extremely hot, with a dryness of the whole skin, no-strils, mouth and tongue. The breathing is thick, difficult and quick; the tongue is yellow or black, parched and rough. The thirst is unquenchable, with a loathing of food, a nau-sea, and a vomiting But this fever is uncommon in this climate.

The cure requires pure cool air, frequently renewed, and after bleeding, he must drink plentifully of soft, tartish, watry warm liquor, and receive the fleams of warm water into the mouth. When there is a costiveness, it requires soft, diluting, laxative clysters. A dram of pure nitre, dissolved in a a quart of whey, may be given for drink. No medicines should be given that promote sweat by their acrimony, but their plenty, such as those just mentioned. They may be made gratefully acid with tamarinds, which will tend to keep the body open. There is a burning bilious FevEr of the West- Indies, commonly called the Yellow Fever. It has some symptoms in common with the former; but may be readily known by the saffron colour of the eyes, twelve hours after the attack. There has been no certain remedy yet sound out to cure this disease, but Dr. James's Fever Powder.