When a person is seized with a fit of an apoplexy, bleed in the jugular vein as soon as possible, and scarify the hind-part of the head, or rather let him be cup'd in that place with scarification. Then let him be carried backward and forward a cross the room, by two strong men. If the patient is likely to come to himself, a saline clyster, which irritates the guts, will promote it. "Take eight ounces of water, thirty grains of colloquin-"tida pills, and three drams of common salt, make them "into a clyster." Likewise rub the legs and arms strongly, especially the bottoms of the feet, with a rough cloth to excite pain. Strong blisters should likewise be applied to the neck, back, and calves of the legs. Vomits should not be given, for they force the blood and humours into the head, and griping purges have brought on the fit. If the patient recovers, let him bleed, spring and fall; keep his body open with rhubarb and Epsom salt, and let him constantly drink tea made with balm, betony, sage, and the letter cardamom feeds.