This is often an attendant on other diseases, and the restoring of it depends on their cure. Sometimes it is a disease of itself, and then if there is a reaching to vomit, give twenty grains of ipecacuanha, to bring the soul matter off the stomach. Then next, give an ounce of Epsom salt, to cleanse the first passages, and to carry the humours downwards. After this, give thirty drops of the elixir of aloes, three time a day, for a week. To complete the cure, let the patient take half a spoonful, or a spoonful of the bitter tincture every day, an hour before dinner, for some time. Mint, pepper-mint, orange-peel, gentian, wormwood, ginger, cinnamon, and the bark, are all good for the same purpose. When the sto mach has been weakened by hard drinking or frequent debauches; bauches, then give thirty drops of the sweet elixir of vitriol twice a day.