This is a kind of colic, which frequently degenerates into a palsy, and is called by some a nervous or convulsive colic. It is known by an intolerable piercing pain sometimes in one part, sometimes in several parts of the intestines or guts, which seems to draw them all up together in a heap. The patient is kept continually upon the rack for eight, ten, or fourteen days, with an obstinate costiveness. The whole intention of cure, is to open the body, for which purpose some give twenty grains of the cathartic extract, with a grain of opium; after which two spoonfuls every hour of the infusion of fenna, mixt with a fourth part of tincture of fenna. But the following bolus is better: "Take a dram "of vitriolated tartar, ten grains of salt of tartar, and a drop "of essential oil of nutmegs; make them into a bolus, with "a sufficient quantity of lenitive electuary." This must be repeated every fourth hour, till it begins to work. Some use emollient fomentations to the belly, or half baths made with camomile flowers and marsh mallows. When the cure is advanced, rhubarb, or the tinctura sacra will keep the body open.