Dr. Mead's medicine for this is as follows: "Take four drams of ash-coloured ground li-"ver-wort, and two drams of black pepper; make them "into a powder." Divide this in into four doses, and give one in warm milk for four mornings successively. After this the patient must go into a cold bath, river, or pond, for half a minute, with his head above water. This is to be repeated early in the morning before breakfast, for thirty days together. The East-India medicine, is twenty four grains of native and factitious cinnabar, and sixteen grains of musk. If the patient has any symptoms attending this disease, he must take the same quantity at the end of three hours, otherwise not till the end of thirty days. Musk is certainly an excellent medicine against this disater alone: with cinnabar it has been given every three hours, after bleeding largely, with opium in large doses, that is two grains, to procure sleep, and a galbanum plaster, with half an ounce of pure opium, was laid to the throat and neck. This was done after the patient was affected with the dread of water. When (he was a little better, (he took them every fix hours, with one grain of opium. On the second day she loft twenty ounces of blood, and twelve on the third; on which the plaster was renew'd with only two drams of opium, and only one opium pill at night. Being costive she had three clysters with antimonial wine. The second wrought well. In a week's time she was pretty well; but being terrified, relapsed, and was quite cured with the fol lowing powder, her disorder being then hysterical: " Take "twelve grains of assafoetida, ten grains of musk, and fix "grains of camphire; make a powder. "This may be made into a bolus with syrup of sugar. This little extract of the cafe is not laid down as an example, for then I should have been more particular; and these medicines must be regulated by the urgency of the symptoms; for if two doses of opium procure sleep, it would be madness to give a third, till the effects of the former were almost over. So probably many cases will not require so frequent a repetition of the powder, nor may the costiveness require frequent clysters. Nothing but so dreadful a case could have justified so free a use of the opium. However, this method thod affords excellent hints for the management of this dis-ease. I should have observed she took the last bolus twice the first day, and then once for two or three days more, with draughts proper to cure the sickness of the stomach.