This often happens when the patient is afflicted with diseases, and sometimes when he is otherwise in health. I shall only speak of the latter in this place. It differs much as to quantity, for some lose only a few drops, some several ounces, and some five or fix pounds; and it is very apt to return. It conduces to health, when the patient is full of blood and humours. Sometimes it cures a giddiness and heavy pains in the head; as also a phrensy, and even the falling sickness. When the bleeding is periodical, and not too large, it should not be stopt, nor when there is a suppression of the menses in women, or the lochia in child-bed, or the bleeding piles in men, if they are used to return at stated seasons When this bleeding has been injudiciously stopt, it has produced giddiness, or swimming in the head, noise in the ears, hard-ness of hearing, the apoplexy, convulsions, the falling sickness, and blindness. When this bleeding happens to per-sons that are young, full of blood, in the spring of the year, or after hard drinking, the commotion of the blood may be allayed with nitre thus : "Take half an ounce of "purified nitre or salt-petre, two ounces of loaf sugar, "twenty grains of cochineal, and two pints and an "half of spring-water. Boil them to a quart; let it settle, "and pour off the clear liquor. "Three ounces of this may be taken thrice a day : or the patient may take five or fix spoonfuls of the tincture of roses, and repeat it as occasion requires. When the bleeding is very violent, ten drops of liquid laudanum may be added to each dose. By way of revulsion, bleed the patient in the soot, and put his feet in cold water. Outwardly dip a linen cloth in the decoction above mentioned, squeeze it out gently, and lay it to the back parts and fides of the neck. Like-wise dip lint in the blue vitriolic water, and put it up the nostril. If these fail, powder equal parts of roch alum, and drazon's blood: the dose is half a dram every hour.