In this the skin is pale, white, yellow, green, tawny or livid, with a heaviness, a swelling under the eyes, and in other tender parts. Those most distant from the heart are bloated, with a palpitation of the heart, which increases on the least motion. The urine is crude and thin, with watery sweats, and the body is at last reduced to a skeleton, or the patient falls into a dropsy. The state of the blood and humours must be made thin with Ali cant or Castile soap, of which twenty grains may be taken every three hours in the day time, made up into pills. Or dissolve an ounce of salt of wormwood in a quart of water, sweetening it with double refined sugar, and give half a gill glass-ful every third hour. Continue either of these for a week, and then take half a dram of the ecphractic pills night and morning, drinking at the same time the decoction of wormwood, purl, or bitter wine. Or instead of the pills, the elixir of aloes formerly called Elixir Proprietatis, may be taken three times a day; the dose is from twenty drops to sixty. If this disease degenerates into a dropsy, it must be cured as such.