The passage into the ear may be sometimes obstrucled with wax, and be the cause of deafness; or the drum of the ear may be ulcerated, corroded, or broken. Like-wise the auditory nerve may be obstrucled, relaxed, or com-pressed. Excessive noise, as that of a cannon, will sometimes cause deafness. When there is any thing in the outward cavity of the ear, which causes the obstruction, it may be easily seen. When the fault is in the nerve, a grain of calomel taken every night for a month in conserve of roses, has had good success. When wax plugs up the ear, it mull be taken out carefully with a proper instrument. When the nerve is relaxed, put three drops of the following mixture into the ear : "Take a quarter "of an ounce of the tincture of castor, six grains of musk, "six drops of oil of rosemary, and two drops of the oil of "cloves; mix them." They may be dropt on cotton wool, and put into the ear every evening; or two grains of musk alone may be put into the ear, which has frequently been of great service.