There are many symptoms by which this disease may be known, but I shall pass them over, because if either lex have a heat or smarting in making water, with a running that colours their linen yellow or green, they may certainly conclude they are infected. This may sometimes be received from a husband or wise, and the innocent party may not know what is the matter, till they are far gone. In men, the urine seems to burn as it were the urinary passage; but women complain more of a difficulty of making water.

The cure must be begun with the following pills: "Take "of quicksilver, two drams; of gum guaiacum, a dram; "grind this and the quicksilver together, with a little syrup of "lemons, till it disappears; then add of the coloquintida pill, "with aloes, half a dram, and beat them into a mass, out of "which make twenty-four pills." Two of these are to be taken night and morning, for a week or ten days, unless the patient's mouth begins to be sore, for then the quicksilver must be left out. If they purge too much, one pill may be taken instead of two. When the penis is bent downward by the contraction of the bridle, and continues so, give twenty grains of nitre with as much sugar, in a draught of the following mixture now and then: "Take a quart of mercurial water, "and mix it with an ounce of the solution of gum arabic, "and an ounce of syrup of marsh-mallows." The mercurial water is thus made: "Take four ounces of quicksilver, "and boil it in two quarts of soft water to a quart." The patient may drink this through the whole course. After this, the pills may be given for ten days more at night only, and the quantity of a nutmeg of the following electary in the morning: "Take of virgin honey, an ounce and a half; of "balsam capivi, six drams; powdered jalap and salt-petre, of "each a dram; make them into an electary." The patient must drink a draught of the mixture, both after the pill, and after the electuary. When the running grows less, more white and more clammy, the electuary only must be taken night and morning some days longer. If it purges too much, put rhubarb in the room of jalap. If the running will not flop by these means, give half a dram of boiled turpentine, three times a day, made up into pills. When this method is observed carefully, the patient may be cured in about three weeks.