When a girl is afflicted with this this disease, her complexion at first is pale and wan, which after a while becomes greenish or more dark, and there is a red or dark circle appears under the eyes. The whole body is heavy and dull. The feet seem unapt for motion, with a difficulty of breathing, palpitation of the heart, a pain in the head, a desire of eating coals, chalk, etc. At length the face is bloated, and the ancles and eye-lids become swelled. The intention of cure is to keep the body open, to warm the blood, to dis-solve the fizy humours, and to open the obstructed vessels. All which may be effected by the following electary: "Take of "Castile or Alicant soap, three ounces; powder of rhubarb, "species of hiera picra, and filings of steel, of each half "an ounce; of syrup of orange peel, enough to make an "electary." The dose is forty grains, twice a day. The patient's drink should be spaw-water, or any other chal, beat water, or a spoonful of the steel wine, or two spoonfuls of the bitter wine. If the above electary should be too purgative, substitute the following: "Take of the Peruvian bark, half an "ounce; of the compound powder of crabs claws, half an ounce; "of the filings of steel, two drams and a half; of salt of "wormwood, two scruples; make these into an electary "with syrup of orange peel." The dose is the quantity of a nutmeg twice a day. Or, take seven grains of the filings of steel, and make them into three pills, with the extract of wormwood, for one dose, which must, be taken early in the morning, and at five in the afternoon, for thirty days together. Hooper's Pills, so'd by Mr. Newbery in St. Paul's church-yard, London, have had very good effects in the cure of this disease, and is perhaps the best medicine yet discovered for this pur-pose.