This is attended with a fixt pain in the region of the loins, bloody urine, voiding of gravel or small stones, a numbness of the thigh on the side of the part affected, a nausea and vomiting. When the stone is fallen into the bladder, the urine becomes thick, turbid, of the colour of coffee, and is more plentiful than before. The chief intention of cure, is to make the stone pass easily from the kidney to the bladder, which may be best done by the following medicine: "Take of Alicant or Castile soap, four ounces; of double "refined sugar, two ounces; of fine sallad oil, an ounce; of "oil of anniseeds, forty drops; mix them." A dram of this made into pills must be taken every two hours during the fit. "When there is a vomiting, mix twenty grains of salt of wormwood with a spoonful of juice of lemons, and give the patient. If the pain is very violent, then bleed, and dissolve four grains of opium in six ounces of the common decoction, and give it as a clyster. Or you may make a bath of camomile flowers, roots of marsh-mallovvs, and linseed oil, and let the patient sit in it. This will often put an end to the pain, when bleeding and opiates have had no effect. When the roots are wanting use the leaves.