This is known by a pungent burning pain in the place where the kidneys are seated, attended with a fever; the urine is made often and small in quantity, and is very red and flame-coloured; but in the height of the disease, watry; there is a numbness of the thigh, and a pain in the groin and testicle of the same side, with a bilious vomiting and continual belching.

Keep the body open with the following clyster; "Take of "cows milk half a pint, muscovado sugar and sallad oil of each "an ounce mix them;" then lay a blister to the region of the loins; also gum arabic should be taken often, mixt with syrup of marsh mallows: when there is an excessive pain, an ounce of diacodium may be proper, which may be repeated at proper intervals. This method carefully pursued, will cure this disease without any thing else.