The Symptoms of Alcoholism

Tremor, and unsteadiness, especially of the upper extremities, after a time of the lower limbs, most marked in the beginning; loss of muscular power; great nervousness, which is temporarily relieved by alcoholic liquors; insensibility of skin; affections of the sight, hearing, smell, and taste; in some cases, convulsions of an epileptic character; spasmodic twitching of the muscles; greatly exaggerated nervous irritability; great irritability of temper; loss of intellectual and moral capacity.

The above are but a few of the train of symptoms which are present in the chronic form of alcoholic poisoning. These symptoms may occur only after the long-continued use of alcoholic liquors or after a short continuance of the habit, according to the temperament and other conditions of the individual. The proper treatment consists in abandonment of the exciting cause, and improvement of the general health. Simply diminishing the quantity of liquor taken, will have little effect to relieve the disorders present in this disease. The patient must abstain entirely from the use of this subtle poison.