The daily bath is of great advantage to children, and soon comes to be much enjoyed by them. As a general rule, there is no danger that the child will be weakened in the slightest degree by taking a tepid bath every morning before its breakfast. The temperature of the water employed should first be about that of the body, but it should be gradually lowered, so that after a few weeks it will not be over 80 to 90. Many physicians recommend a still lower temperature. It may be said that the cooler the water employed the more thorough is the protection against taking cold. No fears whatever need be entertained that the child will contract a cold by taking a cool bath. The whole surface of the body should be thoroughly rubbed. It is also well to anoint the skin as often as every other day with some fine unguent, as olive or cocoanut oil, or vaseline. Fine castile soap should be used in the bath every day or two.