The Symptoms of Catarrhal Or Lobular Pneumonia

High fewer; short, harsh, painful, hacking cough; other symptoms of croupous pneumonia; occurs most often in children as a complication of measles or whooping-cough.

This affection seldom occurs as a primary disease. It is most frequent subsequent to capillary bronchitis, the bronchitis of measles, and whooping-cough. When the peculiar cough of the latter disease is suddenly displaced by a short, hacking, painful cough, there is ground for suspecting this disease. The dullness present is found usually at the back, forming a narrow strip on each side of the spine, instead of being confined to the lung as in ordinary pneumonia.

The Treatment of Catarrhal Or Lobular Pneumonia

The treatment of this affection is essentially the same as that already described for croupous pneumonia. Cool compresses to the chest are especially to be recommended as among the most useful measures. According to Bartels and Ziemssen, both very eminent German authorities, cool compresses are "by far the most efficient mode of treatment." In children, in whom the disease is by far most frequent, the wet-sheet pack and the blanket pack are very useful.