The Symptoms of Chorea or St. Vitus Dance

At first, slight twitching of the muscles of the face and limbs on one side; after a time, nearly all the muscles of the body become affected; constant restlessness; articulation indistinct; twitching of the muscles increased by slight movement; sometimes contractions so strong as to throw the patient upon the floor; digestion impaired, bowels constipated.

The Causes of Chorea or St. Vitus Dance

The causes of this disease are not well understood, neither is it known what part of the nervous system is affected in this disease. It is probable, however, that it is chiefly due to defective nutrition of the brain and spinal cord. We have always found the disease associated with impaired digestion and an inactive state of the bowels. We have also observed that the disease is likely to occur in the children of parents who are addicted to the use of tobacco and alcoholic liquors. It more often affects girls than boys, and is most common between the ages of six and fifteen years. Chorea has frequently prevailed in epidemics, especially among factory employees.