The Symptoms of Collapse Of Lungs

Shallow breathing; shortness of breath; blueness of the countenance, due to deficient aeration of the blood; in chronic cases the pulse becomes small, complexion pale, urine scanty.

Most frequent in newly bom children. In adults is most often the result of capillary bronchitis, measles, disease of the heart, dropsy of the chest or abdomen, air in the chest or pneumo-thorax, and narrowing of the chest by deformities of the spine. Compression of the lungs, causing collapse, is the cause of shortness of breath in hunchbacks and the usual early death of such persons.

The Treatment of Collapse Of Lungs

With the exception of cases of very young children, this affection can be intelligently managed only by treating the disease of which it is the result. The treatment required in most cases is the same as that recommended for capillary bronchitis. In cases of compression from dropsy, tapping, or removal of the fluid by aspiration, is generally required. The treatment of collapse of the lungs in infants is described in the section on diseases of children.