The Symptoms of Dilatation Of The Heart

Small, feeble pu/se, frequency increased on slight exertion; enlargement and pulsation of the veins of the neck; congestion of the lungs, liver, kidneys, and stomach; dropsy; distress in the region of the heart; shortness of breath continually, preventing the patient from lying down; angina pectoris; impulse of the heart diffused over a large space.

The Causes of Dilatation Of The Heart

Dilatation of the heart is most often the result of disease of the valves of this organ. It usually follows enlargement of the heart; the walls after becoming thickened to a certain extent, being stretched until they become thin and feeble. Enlargement of the heart from any other cause than valvular disease, may also be followed by dilatation.

The Treatment of Dilatation Of The Heart

The treatment of this disease consists chiefly in improving the patient's condition as far as possible, by the avoidance of stimulating foods and drinks, especially by total abstinence from tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks. All depressing influences, especially sexual excesses, and violent exertion of all sorts, should be carefully avoided. The disregard of this caution has frequently occasioned rupture of the heart, and sudden death. The application of electricity to the spine, to the neck, and over the region of the heart, is an excellent measure of treatment, and will, perhaps, accomplish as much as any other one remedy. We have frequently seen almost marvelous results from the use of electricity in this disease, in cases in which it was the result of long standing valvular disease of the heart.