This is an exceedingly painful affection of the anus, consisting of a small, irritable ulcer just within the opening of the anus, which is commonly the result of rupture of the membrane of the part from straining at stool. It is characterized by a peculiar burning, teasing pain which comes on soon after relieving the bowels and is extremely persistent.

The Treatment of Fissure of the Anus

The treatment of this condition consists in stretching the anus so as to partially paralyze the muscle, by the contraction of which the ulcer is kept in an irritable condition and healing prevented. A person suffering with fissure should keep the bowels in a soft condition, if necessary using an enema of linseed tea each time the bowels are moved. Believing the bowels over a vessel partially full of hot water is one of the best means of relieving the pain of the affection.