The mind should be kept in a cheerful frame by kind and cheerful surroundings which will be conducive to evenness of temper. Although a woman in this condition is often in a very unnatural mental state, being fretful, petulant, and peevish, without anything more than an imaginary cause, she should be treated with the utmost kindness, and her mind should be, so far as possible, diverted from the event to which she may look forward with very great apprehension, specially if she has ever suffered a severe labor. The importance of control of the mind on account of the effect of the mental status of the mother upon the impressible mind of the infant has been fully considered elsewhere. Another point which should be mentioned in this connection is the propriety of sexual continence during this period. This is the invariable rule in lower animals, and should be with human beings; a disregard of it is a frequent cause of abortion. An eminent gynecologist remarks that "if any obstetric authorities give their passive or implied consent to intercourse in pregnancy, it is like the story of Moses' concession to the hardness of human hearts."