Small coins, buttons, and other round objects, generally create no very great disturbance if they reach the stomach, as they usually do. Much unnecessary alarm is often felt when articles of this kind have been swallowed. It is well to remember, in these cases, the ingenious remark of an eminent physician, to a mother who was much troubled because her son had swallowed a quarter. He assured her that she need have no fears if she was sure the quarter was a good one, for good quarters would always pass. Pins and needles swallowed often find their way to the surface of the body after working through the tissues, sometimes for months and even years. Angular bodies sometimes do considerable harm, not only during the act of swallowing, by laceration of the gullet, but after reaching the stomach, in passing through this organ to the intestines. In order to obviate, as much as possible, the danger of injury from objects swallowed, the patient should be directed to eat freely of rather coarse vegetables, so as to distend the stomach and bowels.