About all that is required to be done in the treatment of this disease is to adopt such measures as are useful in its prevention, that is, to place the patient under good hygienic conditions. Sailors and others who have been long confined to the use of salt meat, and deprived of vegetables, should have an abundant supply of fresh vegetables, particularly cabbage, potatoes, and articles of this class. Fresh fruits are equally valuable. Lemons, oranges, and other sour fruits, are also of special service. Those in whom the disease is due to the use of tea and other stimulants should of course abandon the use of the harmful agents at once, and adopt a rational dietary. It is a remarkable fact that immediately upon the removal of the causes of scurvy, the person suffering from this formidable disease begins to show evidences of improvement, and in course of time is almost certain to recover, although suffering from the disease in its most severe form.