ARTICLES. -- Oxalic (salts of sorrel), sulphuric (oil of vitriol), nitric (aquafortis), muriatic (spirit of salt), but not prussic acid.

SYMPTOMS. -- These acids are all corrosive, and hence produce horrible burning and sour pain from the mouth downwards. The skin and mucous membrane of the lips, mouth, and throat is eaten away. The patient experiences great thirst, and purges blood, and has excruciating pain in the stomach.

TREATMENT. -- Put an ounce of calcined magnesia into a pint of water, and give a wineglassful every two or three minutes. If you cannot get magnesia, use whiting, chalk, soda, or lime-water, or even knock a piece of mortar from the wall, pound it fine, and give it with milk or water. While one person is attending to this, let another cut common soap into small pieces and give a teaspoonful with water, or a tablespoonful of soft soap. Also give plenty of warm water to drink.

Citric and acetic acids are also poisonous in large doses. The tretment is the same as for the above.