This disease presents rather difficult pathological features. By some writers it is called neuralgia of the heart. The principal symptoms are, violent pain about the breast bone, extending towards the arms, anxiety, difficulty of breathing, and sense of suffocation. The paroxysm may be brought on by fast walking, over-eating, or violent exercise, but they may also come on when the patient lies quietly in bed. If connected with ossification, or other morbid conditions, it is an affection of great danger.

TREATMENT. -- During the paroxysm the most powerful stimulating and narcotic anti-spasmodics are required. The feet should be placed in warm water, a large mustard plaster should be applied over the cardiac region, and one drop of the tincture of aconite may be given every minute or two, until the spasm is relieved. If it is associated with any organic disease of the heart, the proper treatment for such disease should be instituted, and if due to a neuralgic affection of the organ, the proper remedies for neuralgia should be given. Patients suffering from this dangerous disease should lose no time in consulting some well-skilled physician.