If the womb falls forward upon the bladder, and towards the pubes, it constitutes anteversion. In this case the top or fundus of the womb is turned forward to the bladder, and the mouth towards the rectum, and the neck towards the bladder. If the womb is anteverted and turned upon itself, it is anteflexed, and when retroverted and turned upon itself it is called retroflexion. These displacements may occur suddenly or gradually, causing great distress. The usual symptoms are costiveness and straining at stool, frequent urination, painful menstruation, pain in the lumbar region, and down the limbs, neuralgia, hysterics, and nervous debility. It is a serious affection, and should receive early attention and proper treatment.

TREATMENT. -- The organ is first to be replaced to its normal position, and then the treatment for falling of the womb instituted. Such important diseases should, however, be confided to the care and directions of a competent physician. Great relief is at all times gained by wearing abdominal supporters.