These consist of a formation of small cysts or bladders of water in the uterus, developed from the inner membrane, and vary in size from half a pear to a partridge's egg. They are usually oval, with a thin wall, opaque, and contain a thin fluid. They are most frequently in clusters, and numerous. The symptoms simulate those of early pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, enlargement of the womb, fulness of the breasts, suppression of the menses, etc. In a few months, the patient feels a weight and uneasiness about the abdomen, followed by uterine pains, hemorrhage, and expulsion of the hydatids.

TREATMENT. -- If the flooding is excessive, control it by injecting vinegar or astringents and administer ten or fifteen drops of the oil of erigeron every fifteen minutes.  If the pain is not sufficient to expel the masses, give a warm infusion of blue cohosh or cotton root. Ergot may also be given. After the expulsion the patient should receive tonic treatment.