This is neuralgia of the mesenteric net-work of nerves, or rather hyperaesthesia of the plexus. By hyperaesthesia is meant excessive sensibility of passability. It is characterized by sharp twisting pain extending from the navel to the lower portion of the abdomen. It occurs in paroxysms, and is of a most excruciating character. The patient is restless, hands, feet and cheeks are cold, and the pulse is small and hard. The abdomen is tense and distended; obstinate constipation, and usually nausea and vomiting occur. The fits usually last from a few moments to several hours. The matter vomited up is generally bilious matter.

TREATMENT. -- Administer an active purgative injection immediately, and give internally wild yam, camphor, etc., every fifteen minutes until the pain is relieved. A strong decoction of wild yam root is a specific cure for this affection. Scull-cap and high-cranberry bark are also good. The latter is called cramp bark on account of its excellence in spasmodic affections. The vomiting may be checked by laudanum. Hot baths, fomentations, etc., are also useful.