This disease affects one tissue only -- the nervous, and pain is the only symptom. The pain is of every degree of intensity. It may affect every nerve, but is more commonly confined to the most important. The tearing pain comes on suddenly and in paroxysms. It may be so agonizing as to cause a temporary loss of reason.

When the fifth pair of nerves is affected it is called tic douleureux; and face ache when confined to the facial nerve and branches. It is called sciatica when the pain begins at the hip and follows the course of the sciatic nerve. It may also occur in the female breasts, the womb, in the stomach and bowels, hands and feet, etc.

TREATMENT. -- This is palliative and radical. The palliative treatment consists in the administering of aconite, hyoscyamus, ladies'-slipper, belladonna, opium, morphine, lupulin, cicuta, etc. These can either be applied locally, or taken internally. Morphine and aconitum should be injected subcutaneously, and immediate relief follows. In sciatica, blistering along the course of the nerve often cures. Ten grains each of aconitum and extract of belladonna and one drachm of lard, form an excellent ointment for external application. The "Herbal Ointment" (page 469) arrests the pain almost instantly. The radical treatment consists in removing the cause. If due to malarial influence, quinine should be given. If associated with kidney disease, that organ should receive attention. The alteratives are serviceable in many cases.