We have already stated that this usually occurs between the ages of forty and fifty but in some cases it occurs much earlier, in others much later. The courses become irregular, often staying away two or three months. Nausea and vomiting, swelling of the abdomen, tenderness of the breasts, etc., are the prominent symptoms. Pregnancy may somtimes be suspected, and there are frequently uterine pains, a dragging sensation in the back and loins, accompanied by violent headache, a loaded tongue, and symptoms of indigestion. A sudden return of the menses mitigates the symptoms, which usually last longer than is natural, and also more profuse.

TREATMENT. -- If the symptoms are slight, regulate the bowels and diet, bathe the surface, and occasionally wear a pack, saturated with equal parts of whiskey and water, upon the lower bowel. If more severe, take unicorn root in decoction. Ladies'-slipper, wafer-ash, and black cohosh, are also very good. The tonics should also be given in debilitated subjects. In fact, the constitutional symptoms should be met with such remedies as are indicated, as soon as they manifest themselves.