This is commonly known as the whites. It consists of a discharge from the vagina, or inner cavity of the womb, of a catarrhal character, varying in color from a light to a yellowish-green, or reddish-brown. It is usually due to inflammation of the mouth and neck of the womb (cervicitis), but it is also caused by congestion and inflammation of the interior membrane of the organ (endo-cervicitis), in which case it is more serious, and more difficult to cure. There are few females who are not occasionally subject to moderate leucorrhoea. It may be known by the discharge, but also by the attendant pain and a sense of heaviness in the loins, abdomen, and thighs, disordered digestive functions, palpitation of the heart, etc. It causes great impairment of the general health when long continued.

TREATMENT. -- Wear flannels next to the skin, and pay attention to the general health. Keep the pores open by the proper medicines. In acute cases inject cold water, and in chronic, warm water. This will modify the inflammation. After this, injections of a strong decoction of golden-seal, white oak bark, or cinchona, should be frequently used, and witch-hazel taken internally. Dogwood, bayberry, black and blue-cohosh, and gelsemin, are also used for the same purpose. The astringent injections are also serviceable. Rest and quiet are important in the treatment of the disease. Patients should, however, intrust the treatment to an intelligent physician, who should ascertain the cause, when, if the proper treatment is given, the disease will soon be cured.