This is an inflammation of the bladder. The symptoms are pain above the pubes, tenderness on pressure, the pain extending into the penis, scrotum, and perineum, producing straining and pain in urination; sometimes pain over the abdomen, which is swollen, or the inflammation may extend to the peritoneum, causing peritonitis. It may terminate in suppuration, the pus appearing in the urine, or, if the abscess occurs in the coats of the bladder, it may open suddenly. It is caused by direct irritation as by a catheter; also by gonorrhoea, difficult labor, turpentine, cantharides, etc. When the inflammation becomes chronic it is called "Catarrh of the Bladder."

TREATMENT. -- Mucilaginous drinks should be freely used, such as decoctions of marsh-mallow, uva ursi, etc. Dover's powder may be given to relieve the pain. About three grains of populin and one-fourth of a grain of gelsemium given three or four times a day, exerts a marked beneficial influence in this disease; linseed oil and essential tincture of hydrangea are also remedies of great value. The chronic form will require special treatment, in accordance to condition and nature of each case.