This is characterized by the development of tumors upon the skin, varying in size from the head of a pea to that of an apple, or even larger. Eventually these tumors ulcerate, and discharge an unhealthy pus, in some cases affecting the bone, and resulting in mortification and death. It is endemic in Lisbon. At first there is a discoloration of the skin of the face, the lobes of the ear lengthen, and the wings of the nose spread out; then the face becomes tuberculous, the features are puffed out, the lips thicken, the whiskers, eyebrows, and eyelashes fall out. The tubercles ulcerate after some years, there is ozoena, the finger and toes mortify, and the body exhales a most loathsome odor. This is the leprosy of the ancient Egyptians.

TREATMENT. -- The parts should be thoroughly bathed with a strong solution of the sesquicarbonate of potash, and stillingia and other alteratives administered. Where the parts become swollen, painting with the tincture of iron, followed by astringent poultices, has been found very beneficial. When confined to the extremities, amputation may become necessary.